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Our best recommendations in Bordeaux

Your Eklo Hotel Bordeaux is situated in an exciting eco-district, a laboratory of conviviality, sharing and co-operative living. During your stay, our team will be happy to give you plenty of recommendations to help you make the most of Bordeaux.

Our best recommendations in Bordeaux

The rich Bordeaux heritage

In Bordeaux, history is everywhere and can be seen on every street corner. Here are some places that bear witness to this richness of heritage.
Although the buildings are relatively recent, the Marché des Capucins has occupied its spot for more than 250 years. Producers and artisans come to this popular food market to offer their produce and delicious Bordeaux specialties.
In the Saint-Pierre district, stop by the charming and venerable Nicoletta by Lodge. This boutique’s lovely and ethically irreproachable home goods offer a lasting keepsake of Bordeaux.
Finally, in the heart of the historic Chartrons district, discover the Conserverie. Occupying a beautiful old building, this wine cellar, restaurant and delicatessen invites you to enjoy a gourmet experience.


And its future

Bordeaux is also a city moving forward, as shown by the former Darwin military barracks, just minutes from your Eklo hotel. With its restaurants, activities, and co-working facilities, this alternative urban ecosystem is creative, lively, and inspiring, with a Berlin spirit that we love!
Visit the verdant surroundings of the nearby Parc aux Angéliques by the side of the Garonne and enjoy the best view of the quays of Bordeaux.
Finally, take the time to discover one of the jewels of Bordeaux: the Cité du Vin. The daringly curvaceous architecture of this cultural centre and museum was inspired by the movement of wine in a decanter. Don’t miss a visit to the Belvedere bar atop the building, which commands an exceptional view of the city and the meandering Garonne.
Whether you’re spending only one night or planning a longer stay in our city, check out our recommendations. Ethical, gourmet, steeped in history or boldly innovative, they invite you to experience Bordeaux in beautiful ways ...


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