Posted in Design en July 2021

Eklo hotels: hybrid, atypical and eco-responsible

With our six hotels throughout France and our projects in progress, we at Eklo have succeeded in completely rethinking the budget hotel concept. We can thus offer you a welcoming, user-friendly approach in which low prices do not exclude comfort or thoughtful design or even a touch of indulgence. Among our commitments, the environment, of course, occupies an essential place, and we present below some of our eco-friendly achievements ...

Eklo hotels: hybrid, atypical and eco-responsible

Eco-responsible, from conception and design onwards

From the initial conception and design to the everyday life of our Eklo establishments, we have sought to find the most ecological solutions. The sites have been carefully chosen to allow soft mobility and promote the use of public transport. In addition, our hotels in Le Havre, Le Mans, Lille and Marne-la-Vallée are of modular wooden construction. Modules assembled off-site make it possible to limit the environmental impacts of our construction sites. Finally, our hotels in Bordeaux and Marne-la-Vallée are equipped with photovoltaic panels which supply part of the energy consumed there.


Eco-friendly down to the smallest details

In our opinion, the ecological approach should be applied at all levels. Every initiative and action counts. We have thus equipped our bathrooms with water aerators and our lighting with low-consumption LED bulbs. We do not supply pre-packaged hospitality products but make organic shower gel and soap easily available from dispensers. For catering, snacks and breakfasts, we favour locally sourced produce and short supply chains. You can check out our beehives in Lille and our vegetable garden and conversion of bio-waste into organic compost in Bordeaux. Finally, we promote recycling by supplying dedicated bins and cigarette butt receptacles in our outdoor spaces. And, of course, we don’t use disposable plastic water bottles in our bars and restaurants!

Far from fashionable greenwashing, Eklo’s eco-responsible approach is deeply rooted in our DNA. During your stay in our establishments, you can discover all our small initiatives and our major commitments!


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