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Enjoy pure moments of gourmet pleasure in the Eklo hotels

Faithful to their concept, the Eklo hotels place an emphasis on meals as a time of sharing and conviviality. That’s why, in our various establishments, you’ll find practical, simple and budget-friendly gourmet catering solutions designed to take care of your solo hunger pangs and the big appetites of you and your friends, whether you’re a traveller or a neighbour.

Enjoy pure moments of gourmet pleasure in the Eklo hotels

Integrity, commitment, and flavours

The Eklo establishments promote and share an innovative concept of economical, ecological, and friendly hotels. These values are naturally reflected in our catering offerings, from our varied and unlimited breakfast buffet to our food trucks in Clermont-Ferrand and Lille, including our restaurants in Marne-la-Vallée and Bordeaux. We therefore carefully select our suppliers – ensuring that they are local, artisanal, and work in an environmentally responsible manner - and we favour fresh and seasonal produce. While, of course, not forgetting the requirements of those who opt for a vegetarian lifestyle. You will thus find homemade, tempting, and appetising selections that are suitable for all budgets and preferences.


Flavours and even more flavours

In Marne-la-Vallée and Bordeaux, you’ll want to opt for our no-frills daily specials, such as our burgers combined with fresh bread from local bakers, our poke bowl with marinated salmon and raw vegetables or our minute pizzas. A dish at a single price and a dessert of your choice.
In Clermont and Lille, you can also discover pizzas prepared by our pizzaiolo. You will appreciate our selection of local products such as dried sausage, cheese, pâté… For a fresh customized meal, choose our salad bar! Finally, in accordance with us wanting to share local food, Eklo Clermont offers a dish from the Auvergne: plate of truffade, country ham and green salad. Enjoy your meal!

For a meal before a sightseeing trip, a gourmet dinner with friends, a quick snack or a tasty accompaniment for relaxation, the catering areas of the Eklo hotels offer you a seasonal menu with healthy dishes prepared on site. Sheer bliss!


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