Posted in Eklo Group en September 2021

Eklo is a growing ecosystem

Economical, ecological and user-friendly, the hybrid concept of the Eklo hotels involves continuous experimentation with new forms and methods of development in order to integrate as effectively as possible into local ecosystems and meet an increasingly challenging demand. Here’s an introduction to our latest projects in Toulouse, Lyon, Roissy and Montpellier.

Eklo is a growing ecosystem

Eklo, in the heart of a neighbourhood

Eklo hotels genuinely want to participate in the life of the neighbourhoods in which they are situated. There’s no better example of this than our Toulouse establishment, which will open its doors next March. This hotel will be installed in the first five floors of the wooden tower of the Cartoucherie eco-district, thereby assuming its role in an environmentally friendly project that includes housing, activities and shops. Likewise, the Eklo project in Montpellier is helping to restructure the Gare district, targeting both business and leisure customers.


A hotel and much more besides ...

In Roissy, as it does in Lyon, Toulouse and Montpellier, Eklo provides large communal spaces in its establishments. Hosting a bar, restaurant, shared workspaces, events and meeting rooms, our ecologically responsible hotels are designed to engage with the everyday lives of the inhabitants of the district as well as provide accommodation and services for our guests. Our teams make sure to offer you places where you can relax as well as work. Of course, they also focus on the ecological aspects inherent in their conceptual DNA by enabling and promoting initiatives to reduce their environmental impact, including LED lighting, photovoltaic panels, recycling of cigarette butts, waste sorting, and much more.

Eklo believes in its concept and so has no hesitation in adapting it in agreement with local stakeholders in order to integrate into neighbourhood projects and contribute to the ecologically aware development of the urban areas of tomorrow. Discover more about our current hotel projects on our Eklo website!


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