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Eklo Hotels is a project that aspires to be more caring, more human, more respectful to the nature, with the desire to limit our impact on the environment.

We are very proud of our Low Energy Building projects (LEB) and of our eco-friendly approach, which allow each of us to save money and energy.



Let’s be green !

1. Low Energy Building projects (LEB) with wooden frames from sustainably managed forests

2. Public transportation near by the hotels (Tramway, bus, bikes, subway stations)

3. “LEGO™” modular construction for cleaner and faster construction sites

4. TripAdvisor Eco-leaders Label

5. Made in France project (ideas, team, partners, manufacturers…)

Discover the timelapse of our first construction in 2014:

Eklo Hotels Le Havre Timelapse

Our daily actions

  • Shower gel and towel to rent (1€ each), to reduce plastic and water waste.
  • Pay as you go services from 1€, to only pay for what you need, with no frills. 
  • Cleaning of the rooms on every departure and upon request, to make cleaning process more meaningful. 
  • Saving energy devices, to switch on electricity once the room is occupied. 
  • Water ventilation devices (showers) and small tanks (toilets), to reduce water consumption. 
  • Air Handling Unit, ingenious process which recycles the incoming air, keeping a nice and continuous temperature and ventilation.

A little review of our eco-friendly actions:

You liked our eco-friendly approach? You are a committed player as well?
You would like to share your ideas and suggestions to go further?
Feel free to write to us, click here!